Black Swan Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning of the Black Swan movie and also explain what the movie’s ending means.

The movie Black Swan is a psychological thriller, it is a thrilling film that starred a lot of well-known actors. The film was nominated for an Oscar for various achievements. The plot of the film is built around the production of Tchaikovsky’s ballet, which was staged by a famous troupe in New York.

What is Black Swan about?

Ballerina Nina was supposed to play both the fragile White Swan and the black aggressive liberated character. Portman was perfect for the role. To become the best Black Swan, it was important for Nina to open all her feelings, find anger, hatred, aggression in herself. Nina was able to skillfully immerse herself in her character, she developed a personality disorder.

During this production, Nina turns from a kind exemplary girl into an anorexic. She suffers from bulimia, is under constant stress, and OCD develops. However, the character of the ballerina quickly reaches perfection precisely because of psychological problems that flow into physical ones. In the process, Nina had to study Lily, she had to master seduction, passion, even aggression. She balances between reality and psychosis. If earlier she perfectly felt the connection with her mother, who was a former ballerina who achieved some success, in this case a quarrel with her degenerates into a fight.

To play the black swan, Nina physically harms herself. She develops diseases due to the fact that she has a difficult communication with her mother, she feels inferior against the background of Lily. She is also hindered by harassment from the director, various disorders at all levels. She is regularly haunted by hallucinations. According to her knowledge, she gradually turns into a real swan herself, her paws and feathers grow. She completely destroys her good side in order for the director to see her as a Black Swan. There are many disturbing mysterious scenes in the picture.

The meaning of the movie “Black Swan”

The movie is really gripping and scary at the same time. The point of the film is that she is already 28 years old, while she has no friends, no personal life, she revolves only around her mother and ballet. In fact, she is still a little girl, even her room is like every girl’s pink dream. Mom completely follows Nina, feeds her, puts her to bed. Her career ended when Nina was born, and in fact she blames the girl for this and tries to make her daughter achieve the success that she failed to get.

The meaning of the picture is that the heroine is liberated, she shows her character, goes against her mother, she leaves her comfort zone. However, all this happens in order to fully get used to the image. Nina begins to see her doubles, Lily also appears in her life, who carries the dark side. Thus, Lily is trying to drag the main character to the side of darkness. She fully wants to enter a new adult life, but it is psychologically difficult for her, because it is her mother who is the symbol of stability and tranquility in her life.

While working on the role, Nina drives herself crazy, her life turns into a real nightmare. The film is riddled with metaphors and shows that art has two sides. This is the main meaning of the picture – the light side and the dark destructive side, which acts like brilliant villains. To get real art, you should skillfully balance on these two sides. One of the main themes of the film is fathers and children, that is, her relationship with her mother is so difficult that as a result they develop into a serious conflict. The mother suppresses all the desires of her daughter and she wants to transfer the successes that she herself has not achieved to her daughter. The mother tries to convince Nina that she made a sacrifice for her, although she uses it as manipulation. At the same time, Erika even envies her daughter, sincere love for the child is hardly shown here,

Also, one of the main meanings is the period of growing up, since the mother was despotic. raised the girl incorrectly, then growing up was very difficult. The girl was too traumatized, her process of becoming an adult turned into a real tragedy. She saw everything in a real frightening version, she really suffers and dies.

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