Beast Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Films about the confrontation between man and various animals have been released regularly for several decades. “Jaws”, “Piranhas”, “Bear” and dozens of other variations of the same plot (in places – quite fantastic) do not plan to disappear from the screens at all. At the same time, they have not given any revelations for a long time. And so “The Beast” with Idris Elba takes a familiar plot, providing a wild lion as a dangerous element. We tell in the review how much the film managed to impress.

“Beast” / Beast

Thriller genre

Directed by Balthazar Kormakur

Starring Idris Elba, Iyana Halli, Leah Sava Jeffries, Sharlto Copley

Premiere cinemas

Release year 2022

IMDb site

The plot focuses on the family of Professor Nate Samuels (Idris Elba). He and his two daughters, Meredith (Iana Halley) and Nora (Lea Sava Jeffries), come to Africa. The reason for this seemed sad – the death of Nate’s wife and the girls’ mother. In order to come to their senses and understand each other, they went on a trip to the places where their relative worked. In Africa, they are met by Nate’s old friend Martin (Sharlto Copley). He takes care of the local pride of lions. But the trip quickly turns into a nightmare when Nate’s family encounters a wild lion that is deliberately killing people.

Review of the movie

To be honest, the lion is not the greatest danger that the cinematography has shown us. Therefore, the film “grounded” the rest of the characters as much as possible. The main character here is an ordinary doctor who knows almost nothing about the behavior of lions. And a character who could quickly assess the situation and do the best he can, is quickly limited in his capabilities.

The film generally tries to be as realistic as possible and does not show overt heroism once again. The heroes here are more likely to hide and sit out than face danger face to face. The approach is realistic, but somewhat boring. And against its background, the final battle with the lion stands out sharply – its pathos and what practically borders on stupidity in the heat of passion.

Unfortunately, boredom is the primary emotion when watching The Beast. And not even to say that this is some kind of bad or undeveloped film. On the contrary, screenwriter Jaime Primack-Sullivan painted everything very carefully, and director Balthazar Kormakur embodied it on the screen. There are no frankly poor quality elements in “The Beast”, but it does not offer pleasant discoveries either.

The main unusual element in the standard concept of “man vs. beast” was supposedly intended to be Nate’s family drama. But it performs exclusively stylistic functions. Sometimes it seems that the segments with Nate’s dead wife are only needed to somehow stretch the timeline.

the beast

There is also nothing special about Nate’s relationship with his daughters. They do not understand each other, and the death of their mother only made things worse for the girls. And here the standard scheme is played, when encountering a crisis situation allows people to find a common language. In this regard, everything goes smoothly in “The Beast”, and the development of the plot in some scenes is so predictable that it can be understood in advance, even down to individual phrases in the dialogues.

The lion itself, as the main enemy, may be depicted as definitely dangerous, but on an emotional level, when viewing it, it is not felt at all. Even logical explanations were invented for him, why he was so angry with people, but still he does not feel like a separate character. The lion here simply provides action scenes and maintains a sense of constant threat.

At the same time, watching “The Beast” is pleasant. The views of the wild African savannah are beautiful, and as a director, Kormakur regularly uses long pans and close-ups throughout the film to emphasize the overall tension and tension of the passions. But the soundtrack in “The Beast” is extremely unimaginative and boring, as if it was written according to all the worst templates of Hollywood films.

the beast

And as a result, after watching it, you catch yourself thinking that it would be better if “The Beast” was even worse than it turned out. After all, bad films are sometimes remembered at least for their stupidity, it is interesting to discuss them. But “The Beast” is too fresh a film and fades from memory almost immediately after viewing.

Pros: good environment, high-quality processing of all elements Cons: lack of at least some original ideas, common freshness and boredom in all scenes Conclusion:

“Beast” is done very neatly, but it does not help the general state of affairs. It shows the work and ideas of the people behind the production, but it doesn’t make the picture better. It will not be possible to say something beyond the norm about her. And I don’t particularly want to recommend it for viewing, no matter how beautiful the shrouds in the film are

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