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Stanley Cup Edition beer


Because why not?  They put everything on everything these days, and at least this looks good.  And here at, we are pro sports, pro beer, and especially pro any beer whose marketing campaigns aren’t centered around slogans like “drinkability,” what color the can turns or punching a hole in the top of the can, because apparently, the one you drink out of isn’t enough.

At least the most interesting man in the world is funny, even if he doesn’t like beer that much.  “I don’t always drink beer, because I think it tastes like piss, but when I do, I prefer Ommegang.”  Yeah, as a quick aside, ask your local retailer for Ommegang – their beer is fantastic and if had an official beer, it’d be the brew from Cooperstown, NY.

This post was a collaborative effort by Nurse Becky and Jamie.

Whiskey Rocks


I guess the idea here is that proper ice cubes will melt and water down your whiskey… but it kinda looks like some dude’s rocks (or worse) in your glass, and that’s not gonna work.  And why are they spelling whiskey without the ‘e’?  No idea what’s going on here – hopefully someone can sort this out for us.

This post was a collaborative effort by Nurse Becky and Jamie.

Poop Posse?


Call it a Pooper Scooper, call it a  Pet Waste Pick-Up System…  or call it a Poop Posse.  Yeah, a Poop Posse.  In case you’re picking up dog crap with a friend, I guess.

Happy Easter!


Batman Easter Eggs – enough said.

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