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Jason Bourne (Quick Review)

Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne to rescue the franchise. Mission Accomplished…? Read the rest of this entry

Will Reading – Trailer #2 (updated #11)

Here’s the second (and presumably final) trailer for our movie, Will Reading.   I probably have another two weeks of post production to go and then the movie will finally be one hundred percent complete!   This is a journey that stretches back to 2013 for me, and I can scarcely describe how I feel, so I won’t try.  I will say that I’m very grateful and proud of everyone that worked on the movie and that the result we’ve achieved exceeds my wildest expectations!

Stay tuned to this website and the movie’s Facebook page for updates on when and where you can see the movie!

Will Reading – a movie in production by (update #10)

We’re soooooooooo close to having the movie finished! Read the rest of this entry

Quick Reviews returns Monday October 3rd for Halloween!


There are five Mondays in October, so that means five reviews of ghoulishly scary monster movies are coming your way, just in time for Halloween!

What else is there to say?

The Overnight (Quick Reviews Spoiler Discussion 4)

Here’s the fourth Spoiler Discussion from Quick Reviews, this time, tacking The Overnight.  This little indie stars Taylor Schilling, Adam Scott, Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godreche and I don’t so much review the flick as a whole as I do explain why it didn’t really work for me.  And yet, it’s still a decent flick.  Read the rest of this entry

Gun Control (Quick Reviews ep 9)

I’ve never said anything about gun control before.  I don’t know why it took the events in Orlando to shake me out of my apathy or whatever it was, but I’m awake now.  Improving gun control is important to me in a way it’s never been before.  Today’s episode explains what I think we should do about it.  I hope you’ll consider getting involved!

I Am Love (Quick Reviews Spoiler Discussion 3)

In case you missed this episode of Quick Reviews on the YouTube channel, here’s my Spoiler Discussion on I Am Love starring Tilda Swinton.  Be warned – this video will ruin the movie for you.  It’s streaming on Netflix if you want to check it out and join in on the discussion! Read the rest of this entry

Gotham (Quick Reviews Spoiler Discussion #2)

In case you missed this episode of Quick Reviews on the YouTube channel, here’s our Spoiler Discussion on Gotham – specifically on Jim Gordon’s character and how the show broke it. Read the rest of this entry

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee review (Quick Reviews ep 8)

Is this the best show in late night? Does only the infinite resources of HBO separate Full Frontal from Last Week Tonight?
Read the rest of this entry

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice review (Quick Reviews Spoiler Discussion #1)

Here’s this week’s episode of Quick Reviews, the first episode of Spoiler Discussion. Rather than a straight review, this episode features a spoiler-rific rant on specific points of the plot to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  You’ve been warned!
Read the rest of this entry

Captain America: Civil War movie review (Quick Reviews ep 7)

It’s finally here! Captain America: Civil War, is this week’s episode of Quick Reviews. Also: check out reviews The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier.
Read the rest of this entry

The Room movie review (Quick Reviews ep 6)

I wrote about The Room a long time ago, but I couldn’t resist revisiting it in the Quick Reviews format.  There’s something very satisfying about showing what I’m talking about instead of just writing “this is terrible-tastic” over and over again. Read the rest of this entry

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