Atlas Movie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

On May 24, the streaming platform Netflix presented another new product for the weekend called “Atlas.” This sci-fi action film starring Jennifer Lopez has already gradually begun to collect devastating reviews in various media. In the review below we look at why this never happened and now it happened again, but we will also note certain victories of this idea.


in its best moments the tape is capable of capturing; frivolous entertainment “with popcorn” for the weekend is also needed; the fact that the plot is not burdened with unnecessary thoughts is definitely a plus for fans of pure entertainment; it looks better than Jennifer Lopez’s previous Netflix project, Mother;


formulaic, sterile and secondary plot; the lack of normally written characters, which is why the behavior of the main character sometimes seems too inadequate; a colossal dip in the middle of the film; hints of drama and sentimentalism fail disastrously;

“Atlas” / Atlas

Genre sci-fi action
Director Brad Peyton
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Simu Liu, Sterling K. Brown, Gregory James Cohen, Mark Strong, Lana Parrilla
Netflix premiere
Year of manufacture 2024
IMDb website

As befits a technologically advanced society, robots with artificial intelligence have become indispensable assistants to people in various fields. And then, according to the tropes of classic science fiction, the metal dummies rebel against their creators and begin their systematic extermination. This uprising of machines was led by the Asian robot Harlan, who was created and trained by Val, the mother of the main character Atlas Shepard.

However, humanity managed to protect itself, and Harlan, along with the surviving reprogrammed remnants of his army, was forced to fly far into space in order to prepare for a retaliatory strike on another planet. In the best traditions of the time periods of one British zombie franchise, that is, 28 years later, the already adult Atlas joins the mission to find and neutralize the rebel in order to stop this crazy Asian and prevent the future apocalypse.

“Atlas” keeps viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the film, constantly throwing up new secrets and unexpected plot twists. The action scenes are dynamic and exciting, and the visual effects are simply amazing. The film also raises interesting themes about the nature of artificial intelligence and the potential dangers of its uncontrolled development. This adds depth to the story and forces viewers to consider the ethical implications of technological progress.

In fact, he doesn’t force anything – just a set of review stencils for the little ones, which the Gemini chatbot gave out. Moreover, this match is not at all true. The film itself evokes approximately the same feelings as the text from the AI: at first glance, everything in it seems to look beautiful, polished to a shine. But once you take a closer look at the content, it becomes clear that inside this roaring attraction there is complete emptiness. The rise of artificial intelligence is a topic in itself that is too hackneyed, and in order to build a sane scenario on its basis, you have to work hard. Alas, series writers Leo Sardarian and Aaron Eli Colate clearly did not find Old Spice useful during their work. Their concept and its implementation absorbed the typical features of sterile blockbusters; Every year tons of these come out of the Hollywood production line and are forgotten the very next day after viewing.

If you pay attention to the filmography of director Brad Peyton, in addition to his sincere passion for Dwayne Johnson, you can immediately notice that he specializes in this kind of cinema – expensive, meaningless, indecently special effects and intended exclusively for the big screen.

Whether it’s the action-adventure Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, or the disaster film San Andreas Fault, or the kaiju madness Rampage – all these global cataclysms and giant crocodiles are aimed exclusively at one-time, unpretentious entertainment with popcorn at the ready. So “Atlas” fits perfectly into this high-budget extravaganza of idiocy, except that now you have to limit yourself to the length of the home diagonal. Jennifer Lopez finds herself inside a damn high-tech scrap metal with artificial intelligence – a descendant of the power suit from “Avatar”. That, in turn, is inspired by the Caterpillar P-5000 loader from Cameron’s Aliens. When the newly minted warrior begins to shoot stacks of unfriendly pieces of iron, it is terribly reminiscent not only of a video game in the mech simulator genre, but also of episodes of the defense of Zeon from the third “Matrix,” not to mention the fact that the local AI chose the name Smith.

Add here an interrogation scene with a talking head, which already echoes the original “Alien,” where the face of the android Ash, covered in milk noodles, gave out the information the heroes needed. Or a landing straight from “Edge of Tomorrow,” where doomed warriors, like mushroom rain, began to fall to the ground. Or an oversaturated epileptic action, like in some “Transformers”. Or a sentimental ending in the spirit of “Terminator 2”; Of course, it falls catastrophically short of the latter’s outstanding level. Or Atlas’ mistrust of AI, which she borrowed from Spooner from I, Robot. Well, you understand, you can play this game for a long time.

Atlas is worth watching in at least two cases: if you need some background content to take your mind off the grim routine, or if you stock up on enough beer. And it’s even better to combine these two options, there is an opinion.

The tireless J. Lo, after the documentary “The Show Is Just Beginning” and last year’s misunderstanding “Mother,” continues to conquer Netflix, and even manages to record new albums. Such efficiency causes sincere admiration. What can you say about the rest? Stylish hairstyle by Sima Liu. The bald head of the episodic Mark Strong shines brightly.

“Atlas” seems to be a small step forward compared to the same “Mother”, if only because it looks more expensive and larger-scale. But it’s still the same typical Netflix. The problem is not even that the plot does not offer deep reflections on the development of AI and its interaction with humans – after all, Friday Netflix entertainment is not thoughtful science fiction from Stanley Kubrick. What’s more upsetting is that the tape doesn’t have its own face. And most importantly – the soul.


The attitude towards Atlas will depend on many factors. For example, do you enjoy watching someone play a video game? Your personal attitude towards JLo. How much beer was drunk while watching? Is it interesting to find out which movie a particular scene resembles? But what you should know about the new product in general is that it belongs to Netflix. And this knowledge will be quite enough to imagine what awaits you in the next two hours.

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