Angel of Mine Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Pros: Noomi Rapace; balancing of the main character between a positive and negative character Cons: the plot is tiring in the way it revolves around one situation “My Angel” / Angel of Mine

Genre thriller
Director Kim Farrant
Starring Noomi Rapace (Lizzie), Luke Evans (Mike), Yvonne Strahovski (Claire), Richard Roxburgh (Richard), Finn Little (Finn), etc.
Компании Magna Entertainment, Garlin Pictures, SixtyFourSixty
Year of release 2019
IMBD site

In 2008, the film L’Empreinte de L’Ange was released, starring Catherine Frot, which was aimed at a French audience. It was not noticed at the worldwide box office, but ten years later the film’s script was rewritten for a new film adaptation under the direction of Australian director Kim Farrant. This is how a thriller about the persecution of a child was born.

The main character Lizzie (Noomi Rapace) shares custody of her son with her ex-husband. She pretends that everything is fine with her, hiding from her loved ones the depression caused by the tragic events of seven years ago. One day Lizzie notices a little 7-year-old girl Lola – the heroine thinks that they look alike like mother and daughter. From this moment on, Lizzie tries to make friends with Lola’s parents and begins to follow this family, forgetting about her own son.

The film illustrates in great detail the condition of a parent who cannot forget his loss. The main character seems reserved, but in moments of obsession she changes, balancing on the line between a positive and negative character. This is perhaps the main feature of the thriller, which keeps you in suspense until the very end. True, this tension becomes tiresome over time: the film lasts an hour and a half, which drags on rather than flies by instantly.


The thriller is saved by the performance of Noomi Rapace (who successfully got rid of associations with the film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). She perfectly conveys the mental state of the heroine, who is trying in every possible way to hide nervous breakdowns and obsessive thoughts. Rapace extremely convincingly shows the strange actions of his character, oscillating between reality and guesswork. Even the most reasonable person peeking through the fence becomes potentially dangerous. The actress convinces of this at the beginning of the film.

Also starring in the thriller is Yvonne Strahovski, known for her role in The Handmaid’s Tale. She adequately shares all her scenes with Noomi Rapace. But Luke Evans does not appear so often – the actor in the film has a minor role, distributed over only a few scenes.


With all due respect to the artists, the film cannot be called particularly successful, although it is not without intrigue. Most likely, it’s all about the script, which goes in circles around the same situation. She, like Rapace’s heroine, evokes sympathy, but quickly becomes boring.

This is not the first time director Kim Farrant has made films about the feelings of parents who have lost their children. She previously worked on the film Strangerland starring Nicole Kidman. Unlike Farrant’s previous film, “My Angel” still leads the viewer to the finale without an open ending (otherwise it would be completely unbearable).

The only question that remains after the film concerns not the plot, but whether the thriller “Angel of Mine” is worth your time. He is able to evoke empathy for the characters and keep the viewer in suspense, but at the same time the picture is exhausting. And after viewing it is quickly erased from memory.


“My Angel” is a thriller that doesn’t make the proper impression, but is memorable for its acting

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