I’m Married to Batman! – Episode List


“Storm’s coming!”

“I’m Married to Batman!” answers the question that no one asked:  what would it be like if you were married to Batman after he retired but he refused to stop wearing the costume?

Frankly, this is just an excuse to be goofy. I really like the idea of a serious Batman placed in everyday situations.

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Episode 1:  “Storm’s Coming” – May  2012

Episode 2:  “Where Is He?” – June 2012

Episode 3:  “He Must Have Friends” – July 2012

Episode 4:  “And You’ll Never Have To” – July, 2012

Episode 5:  “This Isn’t a Car” – Aug 2012

Christmas Special Pt 1:They know… they just don’t care.” – Nov 2013

Christmas Special Pt 2: “So that’s what that feels like.” – Dec 2013

The Making of “I’m Married to Batman!”  – coming soon

“I’m Married to Batman!” is largely influenced by Christian Bale’s portrayal of Batman in the Christopher Nolan series.

NEWS:  There might be a 6th episode…

OLD NEWS:  Episodes 3, 4 and 5 have already been filmed – this was done all during one long grueling 8 hour day.  July is not a good month to be wearing a bat suit, even in a centrally air-conditioned house.

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