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  • homepage – newest posts
  • lists – the newest category, it lists things such as 4 Ways To Bitch Slap Your Christmas Shopping
  • A Fly on the Wall – Ever wonder how people make decisions or what people say behind close doors?  I do, but since I don’t know the answer, I make it up
  • Attention Must Be Paid – I shed some light on under appreciated things in a writing exercise I call Attention Must Be Paidcomic books
  • book reviews – Whether it’s spankin’ new or a classic, I love books
  • christmas – posts about Christmas
  • comic book reviews – I’ve loved comic books almost as long as I’ve loved movies; mostly Marvel and some DC – I manage to squeeze in a smaller or subsidiary comic book company here and there.
  • creative projects – writing, building, fake engineering – it’s all here!movies
  • Dogs – because dogs are awesome
  • Drinking with George – George is my boy – and we drink together
  • election 2012 – because I’m morbidly fascinated by politics
  • Learn Bar Tending – because you’re morbidly fascinated by politics
  • movie reviews – I love reviewing movies almost as much as I love watching them, but not quite.
  • music reviews – I review songs, albums and any other music that makes an impression on me, for good or ill.
  • Nurse Becky Explains – because it takes a health care professional to make sure I get it right
  • observations – I write random stuff here that doesn’t fit well in any of the other categories!
  • photos – I love taking pictures – digital photography is the best thing to happen since high speed internet became available.
  • vegan stuff – I’m a vegan, meaning I observe a lifestyle free of foods and products made from animals.  I’m a big fan of animals!vegan
  • video – I’m a big fan of amateur video, and it’s likely that my videos will be the most amateur you’ve ever seen!
  • walt disney world – because Disney World rocks

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