White Castle vegan Impossible Burger review

impossible burger at white castle

As a vegan, you may be thinking, “I wish White Castle could compromise my digestion just like my carnivore counterparts.” Well, your wish is granted now that they’re offering the Impossible Burger.

Whoa vegan folks, hold your horses! If you’re thinking you can just walk up to the counter and ask for an Impossible Burger and everything’s going to be fine, you’d be wrong. Like nearly every vegan hamburger offering at any chain restaurant, White Castle serves the Impossible Burger with cheese by default. (No, it’s not vegan cheese, I don’t know why you’re even asking that. We’ve come very far, but we have a long way to go.)

So what I’m saying is you have to ask for no cheese. Don’t forget.

In my non-vegan days, I thought of White Castle as a delivery system for ketchup and mustard. By this I mean that they can basically take anything and ruin it. Have you ever tried White Castle’s french fries? They may very well be the worst offering in all of American fast food. This begs the question: did White Castle ruin the impossible Burger? I’ve Had The Impossible Burger before and I know it’s a quality product that I enjoy. “Will I enjoy it at White Castle?” That’s what I was wondering.

Much to my surprise, the answer is yes. Sure, you have to wait a few minutes as they’re just not sitting there waiting for you but that probably means you’re getting a fresher product anyway. (Or at least as fresh as something can be in the sense that it’s probably sitting in a walk-in freezer waiting to be fried.) I know this isn’t the best looking food, and it’s probably not part of any diet that would be recommended by any Healthcare professional, but it was tasty food.

I guess I’m saying I recommend the Impossible Burger at White Castle. I never thought a sentence like this would ever come to pass, but here we are!

impossible burger at white castle

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