@Youtube sends me a Dear John letter, my videos are moving shortly

What happened, YouTube? I thought we were friends. Although I guess if I’d been paying attention, I’d have realized that this was not true a long time ago.

Here on CreativeJamie.com, you will see advertisements. These ads are provided by my partnership with WordPress, who also manages the site hosting. I receive a portion of the profits and everybody’s happy.

Meanwhile, there are my YouTube channels. I provide content, we have an agreement that they will share revenue with me for ads that run in front of my videos (etc)… except they don’t. I guess I haven’t hit their threshold, maybe it that’s it… but I feel like I’m small potatoes to them and they’ll get to me when they feel like it.

And now they say the agreement they haven’t been honoring is terminated.

YouTube revenue agreement terminated

So that’s great.

I’m tired of YouTube’s arbitrary nonsense. I’m tired of doing all the work and receiving none of the benefits. Mostly, I’m just tired of YouTube. I’m deleting EVERY VIDEO from my channels. I haven’t decided where I’m going to move my videos yet, but rest assured, the only new videos I’ll be uploading to YouTube will be to announce where my new content is hosted.

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