Murder on the Orient Express kinda sucks (Quick Reviews)

I saw Murder on the Orient Express with five people.  Three of us would admit to at least fighting to keep our eyes open if not completely falling asleep.  Not exactly a wringing endorsement!

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  1. I completely agree! The original cast had so much charisma and each one of them had their own distorted but yet digestable flavor. Kenneth Branagh’s interpretation is ALL him and his portrayal of Hercule Poirot is just bland! The writers and original actor Peter Ustinov had portrayed him such as a witiful , jovial and likable character. Even though he’s a blowhard and a know it all but you like him! Not wish hed just get off at the next stop! The original Hercule Poirot was so great that they made produced 6 movies with his character! I hope and pray they stop here with Branagh! What a waste…im halfway through it and Im falling asleep! Snoooooooring!!!

    • I can’t speak to the original cast, but it seems clear to me that the goal here was to create a franchise for a general audience led by a famous actor, not to make a good movie for people who like murder mysteries or even the source material.

      • True! Peter Ustinov’s character had such little quirks that made him special to the audience which I guess was true the original written character. Im not sure in the book but like how he loved to eat and dine! His impeccable taste and knowledge of cuisine and wine. Stuffimg his face while solving a homicide! It was a great segue! Kenneth portrayal is just boring! How could they forget to add humanity to the character. The original Hercule Poirot was a mix of Sherlock Holmes and Julia Child! Michelle Pfeiffer was wasted! Theyre was somych overreacting in it! Just sad! I hate these remakes as it is…but at least give the movie the stage feel it deserved! And Mr.Branagh and the cast are some of the worlds greates actors…where was the acting?! Thanks!

      • I tend to agree that the Screenplay wasted the talent. KB as a director is the very definition of hit or miss.
        Thanks for commenting!

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