Christmas in Evergreen (2017)

What follows is a lesson in tone. Delicious cheese is what awaits you if you watch Christmas in Evergreen with Ashley Williams.

Is it cheesy? Sure. That’s par for the Hallmark Channel, but the movie frames itself that way with the opening voice over and plot points. From the second it starts, it’s clear that this movie is not trying to engage you in a serious/dramatic way, but with an almost fantasy like atmosphere. This opening sets expectations to a realistic level.

Of course, that’s not to say that the movie is not without problems.

Ashley Williams character remarks, “I’ve got an idea,” far too often. It’s lazy writing; so many times the plot has a simple resolution staring all of the characters in the face, but only Ashley Williams has an idea that will save the day!

There’s no surprises nor any new ground covered in Christmas in Evergreen. Shake the globe, make a wish and watch the plot conveniences unfold. Williams is charming, but this movie is just another inoffensive content filler on the Hallmark Channel.

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  1. very poor, infan tile and unrealistic fluff of a film.
    If you can get through packing your luggage in the back of an open truck in the snow or leaving your driver’s window open in the snow or saying you’re taking your truck to Washington DC but then going to the airport, then go ahead and watch this happy brainless movie.
    Oh, did I forget the lack of cold breath trails missing from outside conversations.

  2. Jamie, thank you. I think what bothers me is the lack of attention to details. One has to feel like the director thinks the viewers are idiots but I agree, Christmas films are about fantasy but they can also include realistic settings and believable dialogue.

    • Sure, a movie COULD feature realistic settings AND believable dialogue, they COULD do more than one draft of the script, they COULD keep shooting a scene until they get it right, but all those things probably cost more than they’re willing to spend on a production considering they’re pumping maybe a dozen Christmas movies out a year.

      Oh and I think they keep the windows in the car down no matter what the temperature is supposed to be in every single one of these movies just to avoid camera glare because it’s just much easier to open the windows 😀

  3. Jamie,
    I have to ask you,do you review Lifetime movies?

  4. I long forward to sharing some lifetime thoughts.

  5. There is generally a cabin getaway scene plus the female in jeopardy has either a girlfriend or a neighbor who gets murdered.

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