Christmas in the Air (2017) movie review

The Hallmark Channel presents Christmas in the Air, because you’ve got a call your movie something.

A busy toy making single dad (there’s always a single parent with cute kids because someone is always dead in these movies and this time, it’s this guy’s wife) decides to hire a professional organizer (despite the fact that her business card contains virtually no information at all) to help him find a balance between work and his kids. She’ll help him succeed in business and make time for what really matters while he shows her that there’s more to life than organizing despite the fact that there is virtually no evidence that she is a cold, rigid person who never takes time for fun.

Oh, I think I just figured out that this movie is called Christmas in the Air because the future of the company is based on a Santa sled drone. (Because no one has developed drone toys yet.) And let’s totally ignore the cutting edge hologram technology that is only used to perform excerpts from The Nutcracker. Yeah… that. But don’t forget the totally impossible board game drawers that are literally magic – not to mention that it topped with a giant tablet that can only do 10 things, none of which are practical uses for a tablet.

Sure, the relationship between the brothers is underdeveloped and the romance between the two leads is forced, but there are worse Hallmark movies. It’s not completely devoid of human emotion, which is always a good thing. It never goes beyond the superficial surface, but Christmas in the Air is totally watchable on the made-for-tv Christmas movies scale.

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