With Love, Christmas (2017) movie review

“Look, I have to pick my kids up. Let’s just combine You’ve Got Mail-“

“You mean Shop Around the Corner?”

“No, I definitely mean You’ve Got Mail. Anyway, let’s just merge that with that advertising plot we use all the time and call it a day.”

And they did.

With Love, Christmas is a buy the numbers romcom with neither surprises more laughs. It’s the bland, take no chances, earn no praise, offend no viewer approach I’ve come to expect from the Hallmark Channel. “Churn ’em out, add them to the rotation, repeat.” It’s the company motto.

But, the movie does have a snow machine, not terrible CGI snow… Which is just another confirmation that the priority is to make a movie with slick production values and absolutely no emphasis on telling an interesting story. With Love, Christmas is cookie cutter Yuletide romance at its worst.

I did like their commercial idea, though. It would have been better if it tied into the plot.

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