5 reasons the NFL is getting hard to watch

I love sports and while football isn’t my favorite, I do enjoy watching a game on the gridiron. I used to just watch football for the sake of football. But it’s getting harder and harder to watch.  Here are five reasons (in no particular order, because they’re all horrible) why as each season goes by, I watch fewer and fewer games.

Pace of play
I watch a lot of baseball, so I’d say I’m a patient sports fan, but man, the pace of play in the NFL is SLOW.  So many commercials!  Between the two-minute warnings, the end of quarters, forced breaks, injury time outs… it can be a slog.

Too many players to dislike
Ezekiel Elliott is just another example of an NFL player that makes it impossible for me to enjoy his performance.  Some players make us proud by using their platform to protest injustice, which is a nice turnaround from the usual domestic abuse, but man, so many of these guys make it hard to root for them.  I want to love Odell Beckham, but he makes it tough for me a nearly weekly basis.  And it’s not like he’s Michael Vick or Ray Lewis or something, but that’s not fun for me and he’s not the real problem, but he’s not making it any easier, either.

The way team ownership treat the cheerleaders
NFL cheerleaders are part-time employees.  Check this out:

Kelsey K., one of the plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against the NFL and its member teams, trained for two decades as a dancer before beating out dozens of other women for one of a handful of spots on the San Francisco 49ers’ Gold Rush Girls. Yet, in spite of her demonstrated skills and being told by the team that she was an integral part of the game-day experience, K., who was on the squad from July 2013 to February 2014, received a wage of just $125 per game, or $1,250 per season. Doing the math, for the 450 hours she worked, that comes out to $2.75 per hour, well below federal minimum wage. As part of her terms of employment, K. was not permitted to talk about pay with other NFL squads.

This is something the NFL could just snap their fingers and fix, but they don’t.

The way the NFL treats the players
The NFL is the only major professional sports league that doesn’t fully guarantee contracts.  You’d think that the league that doesn’t care about player health could at least pay the guys what they’re promised, particularly since the average career is less than three and a half years, but they don’t.  Detecting a theme here?

Everyone’s always hurt
From minor ankle injuries to recent studies on former player’s brains, it seems like someone in the NFL is always hurt.  We all  know football is a rough game, but something is wrong.  Try to remember how many times there was a stoppage in play for an injury in the last game you watched – you know there were some, but how many?  I can’t find any recent stats because it seems like they stopped tracking per game injuries in 2011 (I know, you’re shocked), but let’s go with “a lot.”  This is bad for the game of football in general, not to mention the terrible toll it’s taking on the players.  Whether it’s better equipment, better health care, a height to weight ratio limit… I don’t know, something, but we need to do a better job of protecting these guys.

My favorite team sucks & this will not change soon
Full disclosure, my team is the Giants and man do they stink this year.  They have a lot of good players, but they also have HUGE WEAK SPOTS and I find that in the NFL, this does not change during the season unless you have a key player come back from injury where as in other sports, teams can make an in season trade and they can become relevant.  The 0-5 Giants are probably not going to become relevant this season.  When your team stinks in the NFL, they stink all year.

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