Adobe Premiere Sequence Video Glitch Solved

While editing my movie Will Reading (also checkout the Official Site), I’ve come across the weirdest glitch.  Distortion in the form of lines would appear and last for a frame or two.  They usually occurred near edits, but not always.  Observe:


Sometimes they would appear as lines of color (as seen above) and sometimes they would appear as bits of video from other shots – sometimes from clips that aren’t even in the same sequence!  It’s very strange and I could find no help online.   (Of course, it’s hard to find help online when you don’t know what to search for and now I realize I should have posted screen grabs on forums and asked for help rather than searching.)

So, after some thought, I came up with three different possible solutions:

  1. new sequence – create a new sequence (FILE > NEW > SEQUENCE…) and just copy and paste all timeline data into the new sequence and hope to hell it fixes the issue.
  2. replace file – delete the clip that has the issue and re import the same file and hope to hell it fixes the issue.
  3. import same file with -v2 added to name and recut clip into timeline; replacing the clip in the timeline seemed like the most difficult option.

I came to realize that my first solution suggested there was an issue with the sequence while solutions 2 and 3 implied an issue with the clip.  I checked the original video file and found that there was no weird line issue at the source, so that made me hope that a fast resolution was available via solution 1.

Fortunately, that seems to be the case!

All I ended up doing was creating a new sequence and dropping all timeline data into the new sequence and BOOM – it fixed the issue.


This was a twofer for me because I wanted to move everything to new sequences anyway as I was currently in a 2.0 audio mix and I wanted to move to 5.1.


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