How @GeorgeForeman and I became best friends?


George Foreman is the world’s foremost grill promoter.  Ha, “FOREmost.”  See what I did there?

So here’s the thing:

George Foreman went on Fox and Friends and voiced his support for President Trump.  On February 4th.  After he took office and… you know, did many awful things.  I’m not the world’s biggest George Foreman fan, and maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised that the guy who had five sons AND NAMED THEM ALL AFTER HIMSELF let me down… anyway, I took to Twitter to let him know how I feel.

That question mark in the title of this post will begin making sense in just a second.


That’s my tweet up there. Mr. Foreman’s position on Trump during his Fox and Friends appearance changed my perception of him.  From now on, I’ll always think of him as the guy who went on TV and supported this President at, what is to me, an indefensible time.

I didn’t expect Mr. Foreman to respond. He did:


So George Foreman is not afraid off me.  That’s good, because he absolutely does NOT need to fear me in any way.  “Every man need fight” and what not.  I guess that means stand up for what you believe in.  So I responded as follows:


We disagree – I don’t think fighting for Trump and/or his policies is a thing that anyone should do.  But hey, we’re all entitled – the Constitution, etc.


Clint Eastwood seen here NOT addressing an empty chair.

Here’s Mr. Foreman’s response to my previous tweet:


So, we’re best friends now!  And he loves me!  Hooray!  We’re both better for the experience!


Me and George =)

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