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He’s a big city banker and she’s a… big city dance instructor.  Small towns are great and big cities are stupid, but when these two dance, the sparks will fly in the Hallmark Channel’s COME DANCE WITH ME.  Wait, is he doing an English accent now?  WTF is going on?  Holy Potato Balls, is he still doing it?

So… yeah.  Come Dance With Me is a movie that exists starring Andrew McCarthy (who’s still got it, by the way) because he’s either out of money or bored and features… other actors in a technically sound yet lazily written made for TV Christmas movie because we keep watching them.

The directing, lighting, cinematography… this movie had a lot of talented people working on both sides of the camera.  I like the camera movement, the lighting and the performances (McCarthy is the best actor I’ve seen in one of these made for TV Christmas movies… maybe ever) are good, too, but man is there a big problem…

The story is complete nonsense – when you watch it, you’ll see the writer trying to inject logic while pleasing their corporate masters.  The central conflict just doesn’t work, but that’s how these movies go.  It’s a standard Christmas RomCom, or as I like to refer to it, “Oh, I bet [the protagonist] is still going to be with that same [love interest] by the end of the movie.”

Yeah, spoiler alert, that’s not how these movies work.

The script tries to make up for the story’s shortcomings with dialogue (at times), but there’s only so much coast shaming, “Fake trees are bad” and “Small towns are good but none of this movie takes place in a small town, oh, are you going to move back to a small town at the end of the movie?  No?  OK, not sure what the point of all that was” before your movie falls apart.

Hmm… recommendation…  uhm, I forgot how good Andrew McCarthy is, so if you’re around my age, yeah, you might want to check this one out to be nostalgic for… Weekend at Bernie’s?  But as a standalone movie, I can’t recommend  Come Dance With Me. 

Because it sucks.

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