Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish movie review

“You’ve really had a wonderful life, Richie. Don’t you see what a shame it’d be to throw it away?”
Yeah, it’s one of those.  I have questions and comments about Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish.  Join me!

“The stunt doubles are here!”
The only way to start this movie is with some weird snowmobile game that has no rules and features horrible green screen closeups of the actors and every other shot is adult stuntmen that in no way match their children counterparts.  It is hilariously awful to look at.

“It’s a wishing machine made out of a washing machine!”
I… what?  This is happening because of the alliteration?  And I guess kids like alliteration?  I guess the props people had to build the thing out of something, and I guess a DeLorean would have been too on the nose.

And expensive.

“Wait, why didn’t the butler come to work for the Rich family?  That event predated Richie’s birth, so that shouldn’t of changed…”
See, this is why you need to be really sure you’re willing to invest the time in a It’s a Wonderful Life / Back to the Future Part 2 styled movie before you do it.  It’s not easy and it’s easy to screw up… as you can see.

“Does the robot really only know how to clean?  Is that really the best use of this technology?”
Oh, it has a kill setting, too.  Great.  But the costume is too clunky for the actor inside to do anything.  This movie came out a year after the Power Rangers TV show and the costume still looks worse than Alpha, and this is a movie.

“Speaking of things that look like crap…”
Man, all of the effects in this movie look terrible.  The alternate time line town has some of the worst background CGI I’ve ever seen… anywhere.  It’s very “baby’s first CGI” and, like most things in this movie, the CGI flaunts the whole “if you can’t do it well, don’t do it at all” rule.

Just wait till you see the kid fly.  Just. WAIT.

This movie is bad by shlocky kids movie standards, and that’s saying something.  This takes the whole “Time for a game of disappearing bears” line to a whole new level.

Watch the full movie… if you dare

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