Merry Kissmas movie review (2015)

Merry Kissmiss is a 2015 Ion Television debut of the Standard Christmas RomCom variety in the sense that it steals plot points from other movies and invents new, horrible ones of its own.  The difference here is that instead of stealing from a Christmas movie, they stole the opening premise from Serendipity. Let’s discuss.

With an average 5.8 out of 10 rating for Serendipity, you can gather even if you haven’t seen the movie that it’s not great, so that’s probably not a good place to start.  But start there they did, and…

UGH.  This movie is not good.

Karissa Lee Staples is compelling enough as the lead, but there’s just no saving the abomination that is Merry Kissmiss.  From the annoying elevator Christmas song to the outright thievery of  “you make me want to be a better man” from As Good As It Gets to the shameless jewelry store product placement at the end of the film, it’s just a never-ending soulless, punishingly boring, shockingly dumb story that just refuses to end.

And then it does end and again, aforementioned shameless jewelry store product placement will weaken your will to live.

I guess the best thing you could say is that although the screenplay is flawed and its best parts are stolen from better movies, Merry Kissmiss at least has all of the necessary parts.  This is a contrast to, say, a movie like Santa Clawswhich is the movie watching equivalent of trying to drive a car with no steering wheel.

So it’s not the worst Christmas movie ever.  Congratulations, Merry Kissmiss – but that’s not exactly an endorsement.


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