Journey Back to Christmas movie review (2016)

Journey Back to Christmas is probably the worst made-for-TV Christmas movie of 2016.

There, I said it. 

Candace Cameron Bure is not good enough to carry this awful screenplay.  Her acting is almost as bad as the storytelling.


And what the hell is Tom Skerritt doing here? Surely if Picket Fences doesn’t bring in the royalty checks,  Top Gun does…  He’s not in the movie much.  I get the feeling that they brought him in so they could say he’s in it (which ups the caliber of the movie) and his rate was based on working as few days as possible…  at least that seems like a plausible agreement to me.

Oh, how the hell does this comet thing work?  If Comet from Full House had shown up and sent her traveling through time it would have made more sense.

“Come with me on an adventure through time!”

A magic talking dog makes more sense than a shed that somehow interacts with a comet that somehow transports a woman through time.  Or at least it’s less convoluted than, “Let’s lock DJ in a shed and go sing songs in the town square!”

Look, I don’t want to waste a lot of your time on Journey Back to Christmas.  I don’t recommend it.  Not for anyone.  Not for grandma, not for her kid, not for her grandchildren, not to leave on so the cat has company while she’s at the market.



In other words, I don’t recommend watching it.

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  1. I forgot how bad this movie was. I get hung up on the time traveling shed, but jeez, this antagonist is hilariously absurd. I just don’t think the police worry about a woman who is no threat to anyone and hasn’t committed any crimes. She isn’t actually extorting anything from anyone and that antagonist lady is just delightfully obsessed. She makes the antagonist from Troop Beverly Hills look nuanced.

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