Falling for Christmas / Snow Capped Christmas movie review

Take a dash of Cutting Edge and a smidgen of city shaming and combine with equal parts of Christmas to make the UP network’s Failing for Christmas… or is it Snow Capped Christmas?  Perhaps this Canadian production was released with one title there and another in the United States?  It doesn’t matter.  It’s just your typical Rom Com made for TV Christmas movie schlock.

(I don’t know where that cooking metaphor came from. There’s just some cookie baking in this movie…)

Anyway, it’s your standard Rom Com, but instead of starting our hero out with a jerky boyfriend, it’s an a-hole coach.  However, in terms of a character serving its purpose in the movie, there’s no difference.

Man, this movie has a lot in common with Finding Father Christmas.  Basic plots have a lot in common: a lady comes to small town in search of salvation, a guy who does everything around the village (they both deliver wood and decorate the town square in the same order) to the predictable ending… sure, there are changes in details, but the structure is nearly identical.

Another thing I’m noticing in these movies is that they always sing public domain Christmas Carols (because it’s cheaper) and they always pick Jesus songs rather than a “Jingle Bells” sort of general winter song because REASON FOR THE SEASON!!!  Otherwise, it would clash with the overall small town values city shaming / coast shaming “people who live in cities don’t know the true meaning of Christmas” narrative all of these movies push.

There’s not a ton of padding, but Falling for Christmas neither tries anything new nor completely falls flat.  It’s mostly an inoffensive (yet boring) Christmas movie that you can either watch or not – it won’t affect your life either way.

PS:  Just noticed I initially wrote FAILING for Christmas rather than “falling.”  I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something!

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