A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale movie review

The Up Network presents a classic Christmas tale of an over privileged white girl who maxes out her Christmas card and must take a job walking a dog (to the dog park) in order to get herself the extravagant necklace that will  enable her to keep up with her friends.

A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale is truly a movie for the people.

I often take notes while I watch these movies. This time, I wrote myself just one reminder:  “The only thing worse than the acting is the writing.”

So no, probably not going to give a recommend at the end of this review.

Sure, you could argue that protagonist learns a lesson by the end of the film, but man, is it painful getting there and even worse, there’s no reason for it.  I know the Scrooge archetype is a powerful one at Christmas, but with no reason for her to change her ways and no context for why she behaves that way in the first place…  this doesn’t make for an entertaining film.

And then WHAM, the last five minutes (or less) of the movie happens and suddenly, LOGIC ARRIVES.  It’s so odd, the entire premise for the central conflict is illogical and then to suddenly interject common sense is bizarre.

See?  I told you how bad the movie sucks while not completely spoiling it for you in case you want to ignore my advice and watch this movie anyway.  There are dogs in this movie, but they’re used as props; they have no personality whatsoever.  Normally, that’d be a reason to watch A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale in the first place, but man did Santa Claws teach me that lesson.

This movie is for no one:  it’s a crappy RomCom, it’s a crappy dog movie, it’s a crappy Christmas movie…

It’s just crap.  Watch at your own risk.

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