Holidaze movie review

Gotta get that International Job, right? Just open that Streetsville store and it’s all yours!  “International Job!”  “Streetsville!”  “Melody!” Christmas! Wait, it’s Thanksgiving? I’m sure this movie is going be about Christmas at some point… Although at the start, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!

Oh, it’s a Thanksgiving movie? It’s a Thanksgiving movie. Oh.  No wait, it’s both?

You know what?  I don’t give a flying shiz.  These people talk like they’re from space.  “The international job” is not a thing people say.  Here is a list of employment options for folks who studied business in college with an international focus:

Bilingual Educator
Business Analyst
Compensation/Benefits Administrator
Corporate Trainer
Currency Dealer
Customs Broker
Customs Inspector
Export Sales Representative
Foreign Affairs Specialist
Foreign Exchange Worker
Foreign Service Officer
Foreign Trade Consultant/Specialist
Global Sourcing (Procurement) Specialist
Human Resources Specialist
Import/Export Administrator/Specialist
International Account Representative
International Appraiser
International Bank Manager
International Business Development Manager
International Buyer
International Commodities Trader
International Consultant
International Economist
International Finance Officer
International Finance Writer
International Financial Analyst
International Job Analyst
International Loan Officer
International Marketing Specialist
International Media Planner
International Product/Brand Manager
International Purchasing Agent
International Real Estate Broker/Agent
International Tax Accountant
International Sales Analyst
International Stock Broker
International Trade Specialist
International Travel Agent
Job Analyst
Management Specialist
Marketing Representative
Research Analyst
Retail Manager

This list took me about 3 seconds to find, but people in this movie still say things like “International Job” and the majority of the movie takes place in a town called “Streetsville” (yes, there is a “Streetsville” in Ontario), but this sort of proper noun disorder smacks of the sort of laziness I’ve come to expect from made for TV movies.

This movie features no surprises and is slowly paced over a grueling 86 minutes.  There are so many scenes about the same thing because this movie is cheap and lazy.

So.  Very.  Lazy.


“I could write another draft, but…”

dog says meh

I think you can chalk this movie’s plot up to the lazy Peggy Sue Got Married Christmas movie rip off that made for TV movies specialize in.  Watch at your own risk.

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