Trading Christmas movie review

The world’s most telegraphed story ever unfolds before your eyes (very, very slowly) when you watch Trading Christmas, a movie so obvious it may break you.

Just to be clear, this movie is absolutely NOT The Holiday.

And by that, I mean this movie is basically The Holiday.

OK, let’s go positive for a moment. The movie has good acting, a surprising splurge on production value (the bus was a nice bonus) and… that’s about it.  Sure, a lot of the scenes take place in either the house or the condo, but there’s some other stuff mixed in their to give the flick some true scope.  Points for effect there.

Although Trading Christmas isn’t populated with crazy characters, they do find themselves in either ridiculous situations (the security system) or behave like idiots (basically everything that happens in the house). The combined powers of Corky from Murphy Brown (Faith Ford), that Ed guy (Tom Cavanagh) and some dude I’m told was on Ally McBeal (Gil Bellows) can’t save this movie.

And then, to add insult to injury (an unoriginal plot dumbed down to feature zero surprises), they drop in a flash forward. One year in the future and strangers are already making babies!  This is the clinical definition of moving a relationship ahead too fast.  How about “Five Years Later – Yeah, we know they all look basically the same, but we had the guys grow facial hairs and had the women style their hair differently, just go with it” instead?

Finally, this has nothing to do with the movie’s overall quality, but it has to be said:  Tom Cavanagh is, rather than traditional aging, melting into an old woman.  It’s just true.  And I was beyond disappointed that he didn’t call anyone a coxsmith once!

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