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Captain America: The First Avenger movie review (Quick Reviews ep 4)


I’m sure you’ve seen the Captain America: Civil War commercials on TV and, in preparation for what is (for me) the most anticipated movie of the year, I bring you the fourth episode of Quick Reviews, a look at the first Captain America movie, The First Avenger.
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Ricki and the Flash movie review (Quick Reviews ep 3)


Episode 3 of Quick Reviews is here!  Today, we take a look at Ricki and the Flash, a rare movie that completely wastes Meryl Streep.   Read the rest of this entry

Trainwreck movie review (Quick Reviews ep 2)


Here’s the newest episode of Quick Reviews – a look at Trainwreck, the excellent rom-com from Amy Schumer.   Read the rest of this entry

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Quick Reviews)

Here’s the first episode of Quick Reviews – these ramblings on Star Wars: The Force Awakens went on longer than I wanted, but hey, it’s Star Wars.  I can talk about Star Wars all day long, never mind five minutes.

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