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Will Reading – a movie in production by (update #9)


Here’s a taste of what you’re missing on our Facebook page.


It’s been a while.  Shooting is done, but the war is not yet over.  Here’s a rare video update: Read the rest of this entry


Hunger Games + Republican Presidential Primary (JEB edition)



After my first Hunger Games The Fallen + Republican Presidential Primary video, I had to step up my game for JEB.

Read the rest of this entry

Hunger Games + Republican Primary


See the Republican Primary Fallen in a Hunger Games format.  Obviously.

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Louie + Life with Louie (AKA Life with Louie CK)


Here’s a quick mashup of the openings to Life with Louie and Louie. Read the rest of this entry

Pearl Jam + Sound of Music + Sister Act

I needed a break from editing my movie, so…  here we are.  A Pearl Jam/Sound of Music/Sister Act mashup that barely makes sense, if at all.

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