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One of society’s worst habits is waiting to praise someone after they’ve died.  I’m as guilty as anyone – how I wish I would have sent two sentences to Alan Rickman’s people and just said, “Hey, your work is excellent, I’m a big fan.  Happy New Year!”  There’s an outside chance he would have seen it and thought, “I made someone happy.”  But it’s too late.  Mr. Rickman passed away and film is clearly worse off for the loss.

Since there’s nothing else I can do, here are some of my favorite Alan Rickman roles. 

(Please keep in mind I’m woefully behind on the Alan Rickman catalog.)

as Hans Gruber in Die Hard
It’s rare that an actor gets a chance to do two totally different performances in one movie, but in his film debut, Rickman immediately displays not only his enormous chops, but redefines how much fun a movie villain could be.

as Sheriff George of Nottingham in Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves
This is the genius of Alan Rickman; “Because it’s dull, you twit – it’ll hurt more!” is one of the most memorable lines from this movie (pretty much all the memorable lines are from Rickman – the rant that ends with “And call off Christmas!” is another great bit) and he’s not even on camera when he delivers it.  He’s that good.

as Metatron in Dogma
I love the dialogue in this movie but man, does Rickman make it sing.

as Alexander Dane in Galaxy Quest
There’s something hilarious and real happening in Rickman’s performance here – damn is he funny in this movie!  And I have to wonder if life began imitating art after the first Harry Potter movie came out…

as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series
Of course, we can’t leave out the Harry Potter movies.  For me, this bit stands out – FWD to 340 – this moment really spoke to me.

as Harry in Love Actually
Here, Rickman supports Emma Thompson perfectly, as he does in many scenes.  But there’s also the scene at the store when he buys the necklace from Mr. Bean, which is also great.  There’s something very funny about Alan Rickman’s impatient face.

What a bummer.  It sucks that this day had to come, but come it has – we’re just lucky and Rickman let us a ton of movies we can enjoy forever.

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