How I learned to stop worrying & not watch the Golden Globes



Deciding that one piece of art is better than another one is an arbitrary process. At best, one could call it a matter of opinion and at worst, a futile exercise. Since no one made me watch, I was able to bypass the 2016 Golden Globes all together and I’m better off for it. Here’s a few reasons why.
Ricky Gervais wasn’t funny again
I’m totally shocked; he was so great last time.

Comedy bits got several minutes while acceptance speeches got 30 seconds
Yeah, that probably happened. Why let people speak for more than half a minute? It’s only the reason for the event in the first place.

Trainwreck won nothing. And The Martian won an award for comedy?!?
This… I just…What? This is insanity!  Trainwreck was obviously the funniest movie of last year and yet it won no awards of any kind while The Martian won best comedy our musical.


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