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Obviously, Star Wars The Force Awakens could never truly meet expectations. The idea of restoring order to the franchise after the disappointing Prequel Trilogy is an exciting prospect and the trailers make big promises. But does the movie deliver?

Right off the bat, I think I’m a bit caught up in the hype machine and I need to see the movie again. My brain was abuzz with, “New Star Wars, New Star Wars, holy crap, it’s a New Star Wars movie!”
I liked the movie for sure – it’s good stuff, but I wouldn’t say it’s great.
I didn’t need any of that stuff happening on Han and Chewie’s ship with the monsters. Why not just send them on a mission to help retrieve the map? I don’t see any reason to separate Han and Leia.
Speaking of the map…  I’m not a huge fan of the map plot device. And who had that piece of the map? Was that Wedge?  I have no idea. (It turns out, he’s nobody from the previous movies.  So… Yeah.) If Luke wanted to be left alone, why would he leave a map to find him?
But my big problem with the flick is this third Death Star.  The Imperial Military Historians need to get FIRED.
The big reveal in this flick is that the villain Kylo Ren is Ben Solo (who is a petulant child that has several of what can only be described as hissy fits), which I think we all saw coming a mile away. Then, we get what is now the standard wise old mentor death that was severely telegraphed, but at least well staged. Finally, they destroy the third and hopefully final Death Star (Starkiller, whatever) and I can’t help sitting there and thinking, “Man, they made this one more like the original movie than even Phantom Menace.” Then after all that buildup, we get to see Luke Skywalker… do nothing at all.
And yet… the movie is still pretty good. I’m not in love with the action set pieces or every aspect of the story, but generally, it’s a good looking movie with decent characters and enough intrigue to carry the franchise into the next film. Despite its flaws, I’d say it’s a solid film – if go as high as 8.5 out of 10… until I see it again and most likely come up with a totally new perspective.

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  1. OMG I had exactly the same reaction/opinion it’s like you read my mind (the Force is strong with you!!!)

  2. Interesting review, although I’m not sure your 8.5 corroborates with your words. I left the theatre a little dazed, but grateful that Star Wars was fully back on track again, with a new set of exciting characters to get us all reinvested.

    • it’s complex! “dazed” is the good word to choose. I liked the movie, but I had problems with it… never really felt this way about a movie before. the second time i saw it, I thought, “just because it’s not what i wanted doesn’t mean it’s bad.” did you see it once or more than that?

      • I’m going again tonight. I saw it for the first time on Dec 18th and wrote a glowing, 5-star review. Tonight is the real test. Let’s see how it stands up on second viewing, several weeks later.

      • curious to hear how you feel the second time through – for me, I liked it BETTER the second time. the first time, i was very caught up in, “Oh no, it’s a soft reboot!” the second time, i just sat back and watched and had a good time.

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