Charming Christmas movie review


It’s all new! (Except for the story.)

It’s Charming Christmas, new for 2015! Three women! One dress! One story you’ll barely be able to remember five minutes after you’ve finished watching it! 

There’s by the numbers, and then there’s Charming Christmas, a movie so shockingly bereft of originality that you’ll have figured out the conclusion five seconds after they finish setting up the plot.  And yet, there’s a rare bit of role reversal where the women is a true protagonist who has a character change over the course of the story… and yet it’s boring, so very, very BORING.  There’s just too much here I’ve seen a million times before, like one of the leads being matched up with somebody that’s all wrong for them and you know they’re supposed to be with the other leads, which you can see coming a mile away…  I hate to use the word “bereft” twice in one paragraph, but in an effort to be just as lazy as the writing in this movie, this movie is totally bereft of originality.


Just when Milhouse lamented that he’d said the words “jiminy jillickers” so many times, they’d lost all meaning…
(In this analogy, I’m Milhouse. It’s come to THIS.)

Speaking of having no new ideas, I absolutely hate it when the guy who plays Santa (or looks like Santa or is claiming to be Santa and no one believes him or is named Nick) is also the real Santa.  It’s amazing how hard Christmas TV movies have run that into the ground and it is the worst.  Please stop this, Hallmark and Lifetime.  I’m begging you.

Anyway, there are slightly better made for TV Christmas movies that take place at department stores.  Seriously, I’d rather watch The Santa Suit again.

Also, f@ck that kid. Should have mailed him to the Marx Brothers…

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