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“She has a gift… for finding the right gift.”  Which makes, sense, because she’s a painter and he’s in advertising, so… wait, that doesn’t make any sense at all!  Such is the plight of 12 Gifts of Christmas.  (Not to be confused with A Gift Wrapped Christmas). 

As soon as the movie starts, you’ll immediately notice the broad tone they’re gone with for the acting.  It is over the top.  Like, WAY over the top in a Disney Channel sitcom sort of way.  For good or ill (trust me, it’s the latter), they picked a style and stuck with it, and man, is it awkward.  It does kinda serve the crappiness within, though.

I mean, hell, what can you expect from a film that has an artist “slumming it” as a personal shopper and an advertising executive who can’t figure out what to get people for Christmas?  Someone in marketing should know exactly what the people in his life want, because that’s what advertising is, damn it!  This movie is full of these kinds of inconsistencies.  Also, the characters are largely from Mars and the story barely makes sense, but to the movie’s credit, the two “will they or won’t they” romantic leads don’t get married or engaged or anything at the end of the film – although they do strongly hint at it.

12 Gifts of Christmas is your basic monomyth but forgets who the hero is in the second act, so you’re left with a protagonist who doesn’t grow or change, but just has a fortunate turn of luck that betters her life.  You’re sitting there at the end of the flick and you suddenly realize that Katrina Law is your run of the mill (although extremely sedated by Hallmark scented candles, I suppose) manic pixie dream girl that helps Aaron O’Connell change his ways and become a better boss, spend time with his family and find love…  and suddenly, he’s the hero, Katrina Law’s quest for a gallery show is forgotten and what started as a silly RomCom devolves into something that’s barely comprehensible. You’re probably better off with A Gift Wrapped Christmas for you holiday-film-RomCom-personal-shopper-made-for-tv-movie needs.

And by all that, I mean this movie sucks.

Here’s the movie on YouTube until they pull it down.

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