West 50th St is where Christmas lives


Walking east on West 50th Street in New York City is a veritable deluge of Christmas.  There is no avoiding it. 

As you walk east on West 50th Street, you’ll pass Radio City Music Hall, where the Rockettes are… you know, rocking.  They smile and do that kick line thing – it’s what they do.  Then you’ll pass Rockefeller Plaza and find that the street is closed (for most of the day) to vehicular traffic as people engulf in Christmas tree madness and the occasional ice skating.  (PRO TIP:  Apparently, if you choose Bryant Park instead, you only have to pay for a skate rental and not for ice time.)  Just when you think you’re clear of the tidings, oh no, friend, YOU ARE MISTAKEN.  You’ve just walked smack into Saks Fifth Avenue’s Christmas display windows (which are pretty weird) and light display (worth seeing).

And that’s just what’s going on between 4th and 5th Ave on one street.  We might take Christmas seriously here in the NYC area!

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