The Flight Before Christmas (2015) movie review


“As days go by, we’re gonna fill our house with… Christmas cheer.”

The best thing about The Flight Before Christmas is that it brings Mayim Bialik together with the parents from Family Matters… or the cop from Die Hard, however you want to think of it.   Let’s get this one over with Good, Bad and the Ugly style.

Bialik’s character isn’t a compete cliché, although she is in advertising (one of the only powerful jobs women can have in movies and still be unthreatening to men), and she shakes up the guy’s world perspective a la manic pixie dream girl.  It’s also great that they they don’t get engaged or married after knowing each other for a week and the male lead’s girlfriend isn’t a completely evil, flat character… but she’s not great, either.

The Flight Before Christmas is predictable from beginning to end, meaning this movie is boring, very, VERY boring.  The leads have no chemistry, their characters are not especially likeable and just say he’s the real Santa. Just say it!  SAY IT!  I don’t know why the won’t.  That mayor from Groundhog Day (yeah, he’s in this too) is clearly magic Santa, and no one acknowledges it.

This frustrates me.

Are the exterior shots of the hotel a scale model?  It looks… weird.  And the shots of people on the porch of the hotel look like a cheap set.  It’s pretty ugly-looking…  But it’s far from the worst part about this movie.  The real issue here is the aforementioned boredom factor and not to mention that Lifetime’s previous Christmas movie debut had nearly the exact same plot.

I just can’t recommend The Flight Before Christmas to anyone except the specific subset of humanity that likes to cook while they have crappy TV movies on in the background.  This flick is like the sun – look directly into it and you’ll regret it.

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