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Welcome to Christmas Incorporated, home of the worst second act on earth. 

Hilarious antics ensue when a woman seeking employment is called into an interview by her first name and last initial and is mistakenly hired based on someone else’s resume!  Can you believe that?  What a crazy situation!

Except that’s not the case. At all.  Lady Protagonist is hired based on her on the spot assessment of documents and answers to hypothetical and real world questions.  Then, when she’s outed in the second act, everyone acts like this is a Shakespearean level betrayal when it’s really the dumbest thing any movie has ever hinged its plot on.  This is bad even for Hallmark.

Other bits of nonsense include the Santa walking around this town being the real Santa – he knows people’s names he’s never met and shows up at the school out of nowhere, etc.  He gives sage advice and helps push the plot along…  but then, what’s the point of the Mayor?  Both characters essentially fill the same role in the movie – the mayor character really doesn’t need to exist at all – his lines should have been divided between the factory manager and Santa, but here we are.  There’s also a totally forgotten Secret Santa Gift – they set it up so hard and kept talking about it, but never actually bought to delivered the gift.  I know it was supposed to show Male Lead Man’s character growth, but they spent too much time on it not to follow through. Oh, and there’s Supporting Friend Lady who seems to have every job in the town from coffee barista to hotel clerk to personal driver.

Like all Harmark movies, you can’t help but talk about the overuse of locations, the house, the street, the factory, the house again… but the street is my favorite.  That scene on the bench is priceless (“This is my favorite view.” The view is of a coffee shop.  Also, they’re sitting in front of another coffee shop that has espresso spelled “Expresso” in the window, but the coffee shop they’re looking at has espresso spelled correctly.  Dr. MyWife caught that one!)  – anyway, it’s amazing, you just have to see it.

There’s nothing nice to say about Christmas Incorporated except the performances are passable and it’s technically sound.  Mostly. (There’s a few instances where the camera waves around and some weird sound stuff, but nothing to get in a real twist over.)  I guess the romance isn’t too contrived, but there’s nothing interesting or unpredictable happening here.

I can’t recommend this one – Christmas Incorporated should be given a pink slip.

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