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a gift wrapped Christmas movie lifetime

A Gift Wrapped Christmas is the first 2015 installment from Lifetime’s never-ending made for TV Christmas movie factory (only rivaled by Hallmark).  As per usual, this movie has nothing new to offer but is at least passable entertainment. 

Why do they all have to be RomComs?
I guess it’s just my own ignorance, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why all of these made for TV movies have to be RomComs… but they do.  This time, we have two workaholics:  the lead who spends too much time making other people happy as a personal shopper and her romantic interest, who buries himself in work after the death of his wife.  I will applaud them for not remarking a Christmas Classic and instead using a tried and true TV movie plot.  Both are tired stories, but this is at least a new movie – so new that Lifetime doesn’t have a commercial on YouTube or an IMDB page for A Gift Wrapped Christmas yet… or they just don’t give a f@ck.

Kid of Death
A kid in a movie is often a kiss of death for a movie, but that’s not entirely the case here.  They did cast a kid who can’t act but can sort of do line readings, so that’s something, but he’s in the movie too much.  He’s not the real problem, anyway.

I have no idea where they’re going with this…
A lot of these movies have a cardboard cutout bad guy combined with the “she’s all wrong for him trope,” but even for the TV Christmas movie genre, this character is flat and obvious.  If you think this severely makeuped woman who just needs a cat to stroke in a “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die,” sort of way is going to end up with the male lead at the end, have your caretaker get you to the doctor so they can adjust your medication.

And by all that, I mean this movie is predictable down to the commercial breaks.  It’s absurd.

On the plus side, the movie isn’t especially cheap looking, Meredith Hagner is charming in the lead (although not the most amazing actor) Travis Milne (as the male lead) kinda has a superman look going on, which I appreciate, so…  adequate locations, sets, lighting, cinematography, editing, all that jazz.  It’s fine.

A Gift Wrapped Christmas is something of a waking coma.  It’s too good to laugh at and too boring to praise.  It’s right in the completely inoffensive but difficult to complain about sweet spot.  If you’ve got free DVR space and love Christmas RomComs, sure, give it a shot, but everyone else should steer clear of this reindeer’s rear.

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