Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade movie review


With a title like Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade… what could this movie be about?

Yeah, they’re not exactly burying the lead. 

From a story standpoint, Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade has, like most of its ilk, zero surprises.  On the other hand… I don’t think I’ve seen this particular plot before.  So while you do know exactly how the movie is going to end after the first scene with the two stars, this is a slight bit of new from the otherwise  doldrums that is made for TV Christmas movies.  That which is watchable about this flick is mostly powered by its cast, powered by Autumn Reeser and Antonio Cupo, who have thankless task of endowing life into this cardboard cutouts.  To be fair, I did enjoy Emily’s (Reeser) pension for vintage fashion and tell-tale fear of boats, although Henry’s (Cupo) pension for chess was something of a mystery.

And then there’s the finale parade scene.

As if Emily’s acceptance of the antagonist’s marriage proposal wasn’t ham-fisted enough, the parade features Henry as Santa… because Henry found a copy of the script and it says he somehow goes from driving to the airport to being Santa in the parade, which Emily says is the most important part of the day…. And then she interrupts the parade, gets the float and does nothing when Henry removes his false Santa beard in front of the children.  This kinda renders everything her character stands for null and void.

But, I should point out that this movie looks decent – locations, lighting and camera work are all up to par.  It’s not like one of those cheap Dean Cain movies where there are extension cords all over the place.

So is worth a watch?  If you like strong performances by charming actors with totally predictable story points in nonsense Christmas themed RomComs, sure, knock yourself out.

And by that I mean, “Meh.  I’ve seen worse.”

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