Facebook: The Official Site of Finding Out Which of Your High School Friends are Racist and/or Crazy


This is the best thing ever.

Oh Facebook, you’ve taught me so much over the years.  I suppose the most treasured lesson is the revelation that former acquaintances have taken the proverbial long walk off the short mental pier. 

“It’s always the quiet ones.”
This is the standard sort of thing you hear on the news after people find out that the guy down the block dismembered his entire family and put them in a basement freezer.  “He always seemed so nice,” and, “…quiet, kept to himself,” that sort of thing.  Facebook is the same experience, but instead of people in the neighborhood murdering the innocent, it’s your former classmates giving birth to racism and ignorance.

Also babies, but mostly the former.  For example:


This nonsense.

I can’t tell you how much of this BS I’ve had to wade through over the years.  It’s the price of free speech… when its strangers shouting this kind of bile.  When it’s people you grow up with, it’s much more personal and painful.  I know that a lot of people I went to school with are generally critical of where we come from (and rightfully so), but man, this kind of fear based pandering is tough to stomach from someone who I share an origin with, thought was a decent person and (in this specific case) barely ever spoke.  And now, I’m retroactively glad about that fact.

Also, eighty-six percent?  That sounds like wishful thinking to me.

I hope.

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  1. So true!!! (Although with some people it just confirms what we probably already knew or figured out anyway…)

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