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What is the rubric upon which And So It Goes is to be judged against?  I’m going to say similar geriatric RomComs, and since Diane Keaton is in this flick, Something’s Gotta Give is a fair comparison, and by that standard… I guess this movie doesn’t suck donkey dong.

I guess. 

“And you’ll get hit by a bus if the driver does what he’s paid to do.”
This line sums up the entire movie.  As we know, bus drivers are paid to pick up and transport passengers, not mow them down in the street…   or was this to insinuate the Michael Douglas paid a bus driver to run over an obscure character on the off-chance that their paths would meet?  Also, there is no bus driver character in this movie.

In other words, the movie makes just enough sense to get by.

The two big issues with And So It Goes is it’s a comedy that’s not very funny and it’s a character study about a character that changes his ways for no reason at all.  The people who inspire him to become a better man are terrible people.  Everything they say and do makes as much sense as the bus joke.  (Except the guy that argues about the parking space.  He’s OK.)

If you want to wake up the next morning with a splitting headache and covered in your own vomit, watch this movie with a bottle of Jack.  Every time Diane Keaton says something creepy to the little girl, do a shot.  You’ll be on the floor in no time.

On paper, this movie should be brilliant:  with heavy hitters like Douglas, Keaton and Rob Reiner making a comedy together… that really ought to be enough firepower to hit one out of the park.  Instead, you get a ground ball with eyes at best.  A crappy script will do that.  If you want to watch yet another nail get hammered into the RomCom genre coffin, you can check out And So It Goes on Netflix streaming if you dare.  (Jeez, I feel like I’m still writing the Halloween posts.)  Just to be clear, this movie is for hardcore RomCom fans ONLY.


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