I’m Back & I’m Married


The hiatus is over – I’m back and I’m married!

Dr. My Wife and I are now legally married as best as we can tell. We signed a document, but haven’t received our… License? Certificate?  I dunno. I’m sure it’ll show up in the mail at some point.
Finally marrying my dream woman is somewhere in between that episode of Family Guy where Peter buys volcano insurance (“He’s signing it, he’s signing, I can’t believe he’s signing it!”) and the end of The Usual Suspects – you know, when Kevin Spacey gets picked up and drives away.  It’s like, “Oh wow, he did it. What a badass.”  I’m still patting myself on the back: I married the perfect woman, I didn’t fall down or otherwise ruin the ceremony (although such judgment should be reserved until we get the pictures back) and the gopro I dropped in the ocean was recovered. Everything’s coming up JAMIE!
Movie reviews and the usual posts returning soon! Mahalo!

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