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2014 was the year of virtual horror:  the big release had Unfriended and the short film had Skypemare.  There are shorts and then there’s short films worth watching, and this is the latter. 

I know, I know; this sort of new twist on old hat horror ideas seems tired already, but Skypemare does it right. Just when I’m ready to write a diatribe on the stupidity of horror characters, this film comes along. Look who the stupid one is after all! It’s under 10 minutes long, so I won’t say anything else about the story – give it a watch.

Put simply, I loved Skypemare.  It’s nice and compact, so there’s not a second of padding.  The performances and camera work are great, as are the lighting and direction… they simply hit every facet out of the park.  It’s as near to perfect as one can get.

If you haven’t already watched Skypemare, do it.  “DO IT NOW!

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