Halloween Grab Bag 2015


Here’s a mix of the best from around the web for Halloween 2015! 

According to WalletHub.com, New York City is the place to be for Halloween.  They came to this conclusion by ranking cities based on “Safety & Surroundings,” “Parties & Activities,” and “Halloween Weather.”  Where don’t you want to be for Halloween?  St. Petersburg, Florida.  This is because you’ll sweat through your costume, someone will steal your candy and anyone who won’t rob you is over one hundred years old and their idea of a good party is doing the “Monster Mash” but freak out at the prospect of doing the graveyard smash as it, “hits a little too close t home.”  (By which I mean old people live there.)

Given that NYC is the Halloween capital of America, we obviously have Halloween parades, including the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  Gothamist has tons of photos, but my favorite is above.  Other highlights include a dog going as “Pizza Rat” and another dog going as Caitlyn Jenner, complete with photoshopped magazine… oh the hell with it, here’s the pic.


Finally, The Atlantic has a fascinating piece on How Candy and Halloween Became Best Friends.  Spoiler alert:  “Candy Day” didn’t catch on.

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