Robot Chicken sure knows how to do Peanuts horror skits


“Arise, arise, great pumpkin!”

If you’re excited for The Peanuts Movie, I tend to think you’re the only one. Nevertheless, Robot Chicken knows how to serve up the Halloween hijinks. 


This is so awesome.  It just can’t be done any better than this.  From Linus’s summoning to burying him in the security blanket and Sally diving into the open grave… But what did they do to deserve eternal damnation?  Oh well.

“I love dancing repetitively!”

Once again, Sally’s crush on Linus is getting more face time, and why not?  What an awesome device for a parody.  And we finally get confirmation with, “Snoopy, have you seen Linus?  He was supposed to walk me to chemo.” Poor Charlie Brown.

I finally saw Misery in the last few months (and ate it up with a spoon), but even before I had, I still loved this sketch because that’s not the sort of flick you watch to see what happens, but rather, the filmmaker’s approach to the execution of thing.

And speaking of the execution, you’ve got to love, “Sh, Sh, it’s almost over.  Sh.”

I love these two sketches – they are amazing!  They’re a must watch every Halloween.

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