Leprechaun In the Hood movie review


“A friend with weed is a friend indeed, but a friend with gold is better, I’m told.”

Neither before nor since has an opportunity like  Leprechaun In the Hood been so squandered.  A magic flute, Ice-T and Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun should be the realization of an alchemist’s dream, but instead, it’s just a bunch of oregano sprayed with Raid.  

So… the magic flute does what now?
The movie opens with this magic flute tease that I thought was brilliant.  I couldn’t wait to see what that thing does… which is… make people listen to you.  Not obey your commands, but literally make them listen to you.  That’s not very exciting.  And since the Leprechaun’s powers are more limitless than ever before, it makes his pursuit of the flute (Pursuit of the Flute should be the name of the next Moody Blues album) totally pointless.

Warwick Davis is unavailable to kill this ethnic stereotype
If you have an ethnic stereotype character in your movie, you’re lazy and in this case, you’re cheap for not going out of your way to get Long Duk Dong.  (This review is becoming a cavalcade of bizarre references.)  But what’s really ridiculous is they couldn’t even afford to get Warwick Davis there that day to kill the guy himself; it’s just a POV shot and a guy wearing a glove.  It’s ridiculous.

Insert padding here. And by here, I mean EVERYWHERE.
The movie seemed to have a decent pace at first, but its quest to get to 90 minutes leads to shots that last too long, scenes that last too long, and stuff that just straight up has no place in the movie.  In early scenes, there’s some clever camera placement to make up for the fact that they didn’t have enough money to shoot a ton of coverage, but as the movie goes on, it just turns into a clusterfuck.

And the songs, the songs!  You really need to see them for yourself.


And then there’s this. I know, this looks like it’s from a different movie, but I assure you, this really happens in Leprechaun In the Hood.

Leprechaun In the Hood had the potential to be one of the great blaxploitation films of all time, but they blew it.  If only the universe would give them another chance…

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