Most Popular Halloween Costumes 1990-2015


A plastic smock and a mask held on by rubber bands were the only Halloween costumes you could buy in the 80s.

I can’t believe I’ve never looked into this before, but better late than never.  Here are the most popular Halloween costumes spanning from 1990 to 2015.  How can the internet already know what the most popular costume of this year is already?  The internet just knows, man – it just knows. 


Man, all costumes are based off movies and TV shows!  Who knew?

1990: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Turtles were just the shit back then – the TV show was still in full swing and the first live action movie blew my prepubescent balls off.

1991: The Terminator
Terminator 2: Judgment Day debuted with then cutting edge effects (admittedly dated now) and sent us all off to the costume shop.

1992: Catwoman
Batman Returns fell flat for me, but that didn’t keep people from dressing up as Catwoman.

1993: Barney
This was truly a terrible time to be alive, folks.

1994: Power Rangers
This was the last big blast of kids in smocks with plastic masks held on by rubber bands that I can recall.

1995: Star Trek Characters
This was the year of the Trekkie.  Or the Trekker.  Or whichever the hell you folks prefer.  This was the final year of my beloved Star Trek: The Next Generation, the unfortunate Generations movie came out as well as the Voyager TV show.  More Trek than you can shake a phaser at!

1996: Ghostface
This time, it was the Scream movie that revitalized an old standard costume.

1997: Batman and Robin
The awful movie of the same name had caped crusaders running rampant.

1998: South Park Characters
The show that proved animation was here to stay.

1999: The Matrix Characters
“You are the one, Neo.”  Queue a thousand bullet time parodies.

2000: Austin Powers
Am I the only one who thinks this franchise is a piece of shit?

2001: Harry Potter characters
This franchise went from some book I’d vaguely heard of to a world-wide phenomenon practically overnight.  A blockbuster movie will do that for ya.

2002: Spider-Man
Again, a live action Tobey Maguire movie captured Halloween’s imagination.

2003: Captain Jack Sparrow
Another franchise I can’t figure out why ya’ll like.  I did like Johnny Depp’s performance, but it didn’t elevate the movie enough for me to run out and buy a Jack Sparrow costume.  I’d rather be the guy from Coupling.

2004: Spongebob Squarepants
I think I’m never going to get this, either.

2005: Anakin Skywalker
Isn’t it amazing that it took the final year of The Clone Wars TV show to get a Star Wars character costume to get the top spot after three prequel movies?  It’s not, actually – the show rocked, the movies kinda didn’t.

2006: V from V for Vendetta
I think people just like this costume, which I can dig – the movie wasn’t’ so great.

2007: Master Chief from Halo
I’d never played a game like this before – or since, really.  Going through this adventure with my buddy Corey at his place is something that’s burned into my brain.  I remember seeing a lot of cool Master Chief costumes this I liked, but I’d like to see a Master Chef costume – basically a Master Chief costume with a chef’s hat and apron.

2008: The Joker
To say The Dark Knight changed the way we looked at Batman and superhero movies is an understatement; hence the costumes.
“You know how I got these scars?  I went to Party Box, then…”

2009: Alan from The Hangover
This is the worst ever.

2010: The Cast from the Jersey Shore
Correction.  This is the worst ever.

2011: Angry Birds
Double correction, I guess.  Seriously, folks – Angry Birds?  Really?

2012: Walking Dead Zombies
OK, I hear ya… but not sure what the difference between a WD zombie and a regular zombie is… unless peeps were copying designs from the show, which would be extreme indeed.

2013: Minions from Despicable Me
I loved this back then, but I am totally sick of the Minions now.

2014: Elsa from Frozen
Folks sure do love their Frozen…

2015: Elsa again, the Minions
See?  I told ya.  Yeah, the predictions are out already – this year is going to be reruns of the previous two years.  Bizarre, huh?  Kids today… so lazy, so predictable.



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