@VeganTreats has awesome Halloween options!


Vegan Treats is the bakery that tempts us to move to Pennsylvania.  It’s that good – and on our most recent trip, they made with the Halloween.  Check it out: 

So… much… dessert… cannot… process!


“Fire bad! Cake good!”


“I’m eatin’ all the spider webs… leave a message and I’ll call you back!”


This reminds me of the eyeball enemy from Super Mario 64.


I believe they said the candy corn was cheesecake! Sigh. Dessert truly is the devil.


This cake has a haunted pumpkin patch thing going on.


Inside the box? A candied apple. What a wondrous age we live in!


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  1. Great bakery! – I posted pics of their desserts recently around Bethlehem VegFest. I love their Halloween themed desserts though, awesome!

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