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Do not adjust your sets – that is, indeed, Elvis with the Leprechaun.

Imagine you sit down to write Leprechaun 3 and you say to yourself, “The only thing holding this franchise together is Warwick Davis; we’ve already done a cabin in the woods movie, then we shifted it to the city… where I can I set this flick so it’s up against an even more color background than my title character and take advantage of Warwick Davis’ charm?”   Such is the brilliance of the Leprechaun series.

So here we are, in the city that never sleeps, back for another random Leprechaun adventure that has nothing to do with the other two films in terms of story.  That shouldn’t be too surprising because this movie can’t even be consistent within its own universe:  when we first see the Leprechaun, he’s been turned to stone via an amulet that is suddenly important.  Later in the film, it wounds him rather than turning to stone, but that might be because they realized the effect of turning him back and forth to stone wasn’t going to work or rather, they had no interest in paying for it and used a cheap cross fade instead.  Which brings me to my next point:


John Hammond would be furious if he saw these movies.

I appreciate that they tried to up the body count and make this third Leprechaun movie more of a true slasher, but it sure is cheap looking.  There’s some more finger dismemberment (which is admittingly handled well enough), a crappy robot, a body explosion, a chainsaw murder, yet another phone strangulation (although it wasn’t successful the first time around), a good old-fashioned “I’ll turn you into a pin cushion!” murder that happens off camera… generally, these practical effects look just as terrible as the tiny bits of cgi (or rotoscoping or whatever the hell it is), as well as the cheap “This guy is turning into a Leprechaun” makeup that is transitioned off camera.

But Warwick Davis makes up for a lot of this.  They dress him up in tons of different costumes and use ever opportunity to give him a one liner or something fun to do – see the Elvis pic above.  Any time you get annoyed with the stupidity of the protagonists, ol’ Willow shows up to save the day.

It’s cheap and it’s silly, but these Leprechaun horror-comedies hit me where I live.  This movie may have premiered in 1995, but it looks like 1985.  This charming “We’ll just do whatever we can with what we have” approach to filmmaking just… ensnares me.  There’s three more in the original series, but I wish there was ten.  If you want to watch a movie that bares its seems like a badge of honor, check out Leprechaun 3.

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