Leprechaun 2 movie review


“Try as you may, try as you might, I’ll be licking your face tonight!”

Leprechaun might be the franchise no one asked for, but this second installment goes beyond the claustrophobic confines of the first movie and delivers a charming slasher that might come up short, but moves along well enough.

Now by no means is Leprechaun 2 a great movie, but it’s good enough, and I don’t have any problem saying it’s better than the first one.  For the most part, they had a better cast in their initial offering, but I didn’t care about any of those characters.  Somehow, I found myself relating to Sandy Baron as Morty, who I thought makes up for a lot of the movie’s shortcomings with his charm.  Any time Cody and Morty were paling around, I was having a good time. It was also fun to see Tony Cox, Clint Howard and Kimmy Roberts, even if just for a few minutes.

The movie might be cheap (the Leprechaun set is especially crappy), but I didn’t feel cheated.  They didn’t have the money to do the lawn mower death right, so they came up with a decent solution.  I did like the face melting effects, that was fine… but more than the body count, this movie is about Morty’s charm and Warwick Davis chewing the scenery.

The Leprechaun kinda channels Freddy with his “Finger licking good!” one liners.  I know it’s stupid, but I can’t help but laugh.

If you didn’t like the first one,  Leprechaun 2 probably won’t change your mind about the series, but if you like this sort of horror flick, I’d check it out.


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