Thoughts on Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

We had the great fortune to be treated to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party by my sister a few years ago.  The video above from Attractions Magazine doesn’t really convey the atmosphere that exists at the park during the party, but then, perhaps no video can.


Disney didn’t bury the lead; the park isn’t scary during the party, but there is a little something extra going on.  I’m not talking about the extra admission you pay for the party beyond your ticket for admission to the park that day or the villain show, parade as well as the trick or treating. The atmosphere is really created by the guests themselves and the lack thereof.  Not only are folks in costume (and good costumes, at that – we saw some great light up skeleton costumes which were super effective in the dark), but I guess they don’t try to fill the park to capacity, because there aren’t a lot of people around.  Lines were super short, which is always fun – I’m so used to waiting around for stuff at the Magic Kingdom that any time one can just walk on Space Mountain, I feel like I own the world!

The other bits are fine (I’m not a parade guy, Light Parade aside, but the “Boo to You” parade is actually fun), but I would recommend hitting up Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party because we’re adults and had a blast.  I imagine that if I was a kid, my head would have exploded.  The extra fee is a bummer, but that’s life.


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