Visiting the real Overlook Hotel from The Shining: the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado


“Can I have a room without a rotting corpse in the tub? That’d be super.”

The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration as well as the main exterior for The Shining TV miniseries as well as a few interior sets.  The film version was not shot here at all because there wasn’t enough snow or electrical power. Check out more photos after the jump.

Frankly, the hotel is breathtaking.  Set in Estes Park, Colorado, you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful setting.  Look at this view:


“No TV and no beer make Homer have a newfound love of nature!”

I do like the idea of a hotel as a creepy haunted house with ten times the ghosts because of all the guests staying there over the decades, but how Stephen King got that book out of this place… I fail to see.  Such is the imagination of a writer.  Look how cute the maze is!



They even give you this cute coin after you drop ten bucks to park.


I bet they thought they were getting this back. They’re not.

It’s a beautiful place and I’m glad I went there, but how King got The Shining out of it, I’ll never know, but I’m glad he did.

The TV miniseries is long (273) and stupid; the movie version is brilliant and makes no sense.  I prefer the latter, but the former sure is funny.

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